The sun, our No1 frenemy

There's nothing nicer than basking under a hot sun and showing off gorgeous, bronzed limbs... But be warned, the sun's not as skin-friendly as you may think! UVA and UVB rays can wreak havoc with unprotected skin.
Sunshine is essential to our health. It strengthens our bones, keeps our skin healthy, regulates our body clocks and lifts our spirits. We all love summer living - al fresco lunches, countryside walks, lazing in the garden...  And yet the sun isn't always on our side. Whatever our age, wherever we are, the sun is constantly bombarding our skin, leaving us at risk of sunburn, age spots, ageing skin, wrinkles, dehydration or even cancers. We know the basic rules - avoid exposing our skin between midday and 4pm, wear a hat and sunglasses and don't stay out in the sun for too long.  And, most importantly, religiously apply a sunscreen suited to our phototype. Oils, creams, mists, lotion... whatever the texture, the trick is to remain protected at all times. You can even pick up moisturisers or BB creams that contain an SPF to protect your skin and complexion all summer long!
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