Innovation you can experience

As a science-driven brand, we are tapping into the latest technologies, using artificial intelligence, data and tech innovations to enhance the beauty experience. By using augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology, our virtual try-on services mine millions of pieces of data to offer tailored product recommendations and are exclusive to L’Oréal Paris.
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Make-Up virtual try-on and Hair Color virtual try-on were the first brand initiatives to offer a digital service with such a realistic simulation by giving women the opportunity to test products they might not have considered. Women can be the artist of their own looks in real time and buy them in a few clicks. Skin Genius helped by Modiface High technology acquired by L’Oréal in 2018, provides consumers product recommendations with personalized information about their skin – radiance, pore quality, firmness, lines, wrinkles and skin tone. Thanks to this winning combination of clinical and technological advances, Skin Genius offers a reliability rate that matches dermatologists’ diagnosis by 98%.

These proprietary innovations push the boundaries of personalized beauty by helping women in their everyday life and provide a unique experience for a mass-market beauty brand. 

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