Stand Up

L’Oréal Paris empowers men & women everywhere to combat street harassment through Stand Up program.

What is Stand Up?

Stand Up is an awareness and training program, developed by L’Oréal Paris in partnership with the expert NGO Hollaback!. The program offers a proven methodology – the 5D’s – to help both men and women to safely intervene if they witness or experience street harassment.

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Why are we standing up?

According to an IPSOS study conducted in 2019 about gender equality, sexual harassment in public spaces was identified as the most important issue facing women and girls across the world.

Indeed, street harassment robs women of their dignity, sense of security and feelings of self-worth, which goes against everything L’Oréal Paris stands for. That’s why it’s so important for us to stand up and help to combat this issue  that affects us all .
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Our commitment

For the past century, L’Oréal Paris has been committed to empowering women, boosting their self-confidence and helping them realize their worth.

Through our international Stand Up program, we are willing to contribute to create a culture and community of respect, dignity and worth,by empowering over 1 million people with the 5D’s methodology.

With the expert NGO Hollaback! and our local charity partners, we will conduct live training sessions, and take action by participating in related events throughout the year such as International Women’s Day (March 8) and International Anti-Street Harassment Week (April 19-25).
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Our global Stand Up partner

L’Oréal Paris has established a worldwide partnership with Hollaback!, an NGO and expert on street harassment. Their intervention methodology based on the 5 D’s has been proven effective, lowering sexual violence on American campuses by 17%. For more information about them, go to
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Stand up with us

Join the Stand Up community now and help us combat street harassment by taking part in our digital training program here. In it, you will learn five different ways to safely intervene if you witness or experience street harassment. Take the training program and become an Upstander today.
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