At L’Oréal Paris, we create advanced, effective, and safe skincare, tested for women of all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. From our safety evaluation process to independent performance studies, our scientific teams put all their knowledge and passion into developing skincare that meets the unique needs of our diverse consumers. We would like to welcome you to The Other Side of L’Oréal Paris, to show you key principles of our skincare product development and testing. Because when we say, "You're worth it," we mean it.

Discover The Other Side Of L’oréal Paris

Our Commitments


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The health and safety of our consumers has always been an absolute priority for L’Oréal, as is the support of animal welfare. Well before the question of animal testing was raised by civil society, L’Oréal has been committed to new methods of assessing safety that don’t involve animals. A true pioneer, L'Oréal has been reconstructing human skin models in laboratories to elaborate in vitro safety tests since 1979, as an alternative to animals. In 1989, L’Oréal completely ceased testing its products on animals. Today, L'Oréal no longer tests its ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates any exception to this rule.
L'Oréal follows a very rigorous safety evaluation procedure and has developed groundbreaking bioengineered alternatives like Episkin, which is created with human skin cells to model real skin.

DID YOU KNOW? Certain health authorities may nevertheless decide to conduct animal tests themselves for certain cosmetic products, as it is still the case in China. L’Oréal has been actively working with the Chinese authorities and scientists for over 10 years to have alternative testing methods recognized, and permit the cosmetic regulation to evolve towards a total and definite elimination of animal testing.

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100% of L’Oréal Paris formulas pass through a rigorous safety evaluation process before going to market. Our scientific teams, including dermatologists, toxicologists, pharmacists, chemists, and doctors, make early predictions of any potential undesirable effects of raw materials and formulations. Prior to market launch, every L’Oréal Paris skincare product is tested for safety on volunteers under the supervision of dermatologists. Only if a formula passes this rigorous evaluation process will it be considered for market launch. We continue to monitor our products with strict in-market surveillance processes.

DID YOU KNOW? During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted our safety evaluation to consider potential impacts that mask wearing could have on the tolerability of our skin care products.

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Independent Testing

L’Oréal Paris uses a combination of clinical evaluation by experts and dermatologists, self-assessments by real consumers, and state-of-the-art instrumental evaluations to measure our products efficacy. Every product benefit you read on our L’Oréal Paris Skincare products has been tested by unbiased independent research organizations. To ensure objectivity in clinical testing, our products are tested “double blind.” This means that neither the independent test centers nor the consumers evaluating our products have knowledge of what the product is or what it is intended to do, allowing for an objective evaluation of formula performance.

DID YOU KNOW? Every product is tested with a minimum of 400 applications in controlled, independent research settings before it goes anywhere near your skin.

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Over the last ten years, we have undertaken an in-depth transformation to reduce our impact across our entire value chain. We have totally reinvented the way we design and make our products with sustainability as a fundamental requirement. It is no longer enough for companies to focus only on their direct impact. At L’Oréal our new commitments will also tackle our indirect, extended impact, related, for example, to the activity of our suppliers and the use of our products by consumers.

DID YOU KNOW? Every new L’Oréal Paris product is developed through innovative tool known as SPOT (Sustainable Product Optimization Tool), made to assess and improve the environmental and social performance of our products. Sustainability is fully integrated into the design process from the earliest stages.

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