The benefits of hyaluronic acid in skincare and makeup

Maintaining fresh and youthful skin is something many of us strive for, but is hyaluronic acid serum the key? A tolerance molecule reported to bring back volume and maintain plumpness, hyaluronic acid is a critical ingredient in many makeup products. So, is hyaluronic acid good for skin? And what does hyaluronic acid do anyway? Find out everything you need to know with our handy guide to this super-soaking skincare ingredient.

What is hyaluronic acid?

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Found naturally in our skin, hyaluronic acid is a water-holding molecule (specifically, a glycosaminoglycan) that helps to keep your tissues lubricated and healthy. Although technically, it’s an acid, there’s no need to worry about this dermatologist-recommend ingredient having a negative effect on your skin. In fact, hyaluronic acid is reported to have many benefits, which is why this Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is a crucial ingredient in so many makeup and skincare products.

So, what does hyaluronic acid do? Well, if you’ve done any research into the topic, you’ll probably have read that it holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water, and when included in skincare products, can help to bind and retain water molecules. As such, hyaluronic acid serum is perfect for people suffering from dry skin and struggling to maintain healthy moisture levels, as well as anyone who wants to keep their skin looking youthful and feeling soft.

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How to use hyaluronic acid for skin

Although – as we’ve mentioned – hyaluronic acid is found naturally in your body, it’s always beneficial to get an extra boost through your skincare regime. That’s because your body produces lesser quantities of hyaluronic acid as you age (due to UV exposure and oxidative stress). Besides, around 1/3 of your naturally occurring hyaluronic acid gets degraded every day. No matter, because hyaluronic acid can be found in a broad range of skincare products, including sheet masks, injectables, and serums.

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Skincare benefits of hyaluronic acid

So, is hyaluronic acid good for skin? Short answer: yes. There are tons of benefits of hyaluronic acid for skin to get excited about. We’ve already mentioned the critical use – hydration – but there are a couple of other significant advantages to consider. Studies indicate that hyaluronic acid serum can speed up the wound healing process, relieve dry eye symptoms, and provide relief from joint pain. Bottom line: it’s all good news, so you should consider incorporating the benefits of hyaluronic acid into your skincare regime. 

For a little more information on hyaluronic acid serum, read our helpful guide. 

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