Summer fruits and veg for flawless skin

It's not just lotions and potions that give us great skin. Food also plays a part when it comes to keeping our even-toned, well-moisturised glow. So dig your shopping list and add these beauty-boosting items for flawless skin!
Apricots: All orange fruits are good for skin. They're packed with pro-vitamin A and beta-carotene, both of which boost tan-producing melanin.   Berries: Blueberries, bilberries, blackberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants, strawberries and raspberries are an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants combat oxidative stress and free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing. Meaning berries slow down the skin ageing clock to leave us with youthful looks for longer!   Bananas: Bananas naturally hydrate our skin, thanks to their vitamin A content. They restore lost moisture, banish dull complexions and repair dry, damaged skin. Bananas also contain nutritional compounds that slow down the appearance of wrinkles.   Cherries: These sweet berries have anti-ageing properties that regenerate and soothe skin. Cherries are bursting with vitamin C, which helps deal with sun-related damage.   Cucumber: Perfect for dry, dehydrated skin, cucumbers are 95% water - the highest water content of all vegetables.   Kiwis: Kiwis break all records when it come to vitamin C! Known to support collagen levels, vitamin C keeps our skin firm and wrinkle-free (well almost!).   Melons: Melons' refreshing goodness means they're as great on a plate as they are on our face. They soften, nourish and soothe dry skin. For a simple sunburn remedy, just place some melon slices on the affected area.   Peppers: Whether raw, grilled, baked or in your spag bol, red, green and yellow peppers contain high levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, K, alongside hyaluronic acid. Bursting with antioxidants, they help skin to protect itself from free radicals and, therefore, signs of ageing.   Grapes: Grapes contain vitamins, fruit acids and antioxidants. They're astringent and re-mineralising. They tone up and brighten all skin types, particularly mature skin. Draining and detoxifying, they purify our bodies and get rid of toxins.   Tomatoes: Tomatoes clean us from both inside and out. Their lycopene content purifies, disinfects and brightens skin. It's also an effective blackhead-zapper. Be warned, however, that tomatoes are acidic, so not best suited to sensitive skin. Finally, tomatoes' antioxidants protect skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and free radicals.
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