Slower microcirculation: the consequences for my mature skin

After 60, wrinkles have set in, the skin has started to sag and gets thinner and microcirculation slows down. Mature skin gets more fragile, loses its natural colour and becomes paler. What's the solution?

Microcirculation and mature skin

At 60, skin aging has well and truly set in. The skin has begun to sag, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and lip contours deepen, and the skin's texture changes. The skin gets thinner and more fragile: microcirculation is slowing down. This alteration in the blood supply to the skin leads to a reduction in the supply of nutrients that are crucial for cell vitality, and a reduction in the element that gives the skin its colour; the one that gives you a glowing complexion. 
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The consequences of poor microcirculation

- More fragile mature skin: With slower microcirculation, the skin does not receive all the nutrients it needs and the barrier function; carried out by the uppermost layer of the epidermis and the hydrolipidic film that covers it; is altered. The skin then becomes extremely fragile and less resistant to little everyday traumas. It tugs and becomes irritated easily, so an excellent moisturising regime is the best solution.
- Thinner mature skin: After 50, an oestrogen deficit due to the menopause means that stem cells; the source of the skin's youth; struggle to fulfil their skin renewal role. Cells work less effectively, leading to the thinning of the epidermis. The skin's loss of thickness worsens between 60 and 70, when the dermis loses most of its ability to synthesise collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The solution? Skin care containing hyaluronic acid, to make up for this deficit and give some volume back to your face.
- Paler mature skin: With age, vascularisation under the skin is altered and the skin becomes paler, almost transparent. It loses its natural blush and the complexion inevitably fades. Microcirculation is not the only culprit behind this lack of radiance. Uneven skin also prevents the light from reflecting on it. To bring some glow back to your dull skin, exfoliate once a week, moisturise and apply a cream made up of active ingredients to boost microcirculation, like peony.
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