Signs to watch out for to avoid a sagging face

Over time, the skin sags and the shape of the face changes. What are the tell-tale signs that mean you should take action against saggy skin?
The fight against wrinkles is not as important as it was. There are new anti aging priorities for women: saggy skin and changing facial contours. According to an IPSOS survey (2009), 53% of women over 15 years of age place saggy skin and changes in the volumes of the face at the top of their beauty worries.This "volumetric" aging is due to the progressive atrophy of subcutaneous tissues and the slowing down of the skin's rejuvenating mechanisms.
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Volume loss in the face: 9 signs to watch out for

Whether successive or all at the same time, these phenomena are the tell-tale signs of loss of volume in the face. So, take action if you have any of the following indicators of a sagging face:- The skin seems to lose its ability to stay hydrated- Marked skin when you wake up (even after 8 hours of sleep)- Hollowing out of the under-eye area, which tends to be more vertical than horizontal- The appearance of vertical lines around the under-eye area- Hollow cheeks and therefore more prominent, less round and less full cheekbones- Cheeks that seem a few millimetres lower down- Accentuated nasiolabial folds- The appearance of marionette lines from the corner of the mouth down towards the chin- Loss of tone in the skin- Thinner face  Do you look in the mirror and see any of these signs of a sagging face? To improve your complexion and moral, adopt a re-volumising skin care routine. The job of these day and night creams with a concentration of hyaluronic acid (opt for hyaluronic acid fragmented into small particles and with a low molecular weight, such as micrometric hyaluronic acid): to plump up the skin day after day and bring balanced volume to your face.
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