Run out of cleanser? No worries - just follow these cleansing tips!

Disaster's struck! You've just crawled in and headed to the bathroom only to discover that you're out of cleanser. And we all know that cleansing before bed is serious business...

Cleansing is non-negotiable!

There are times when our minds are on other matters, we're rushed of our feet or we simply can't be bothered. No excuses girls! Even if it's the crack of dawn, cleansing before hitting the sack is essential and shouldn't be put it off 'til morning. We repeat "no excuses". 

None whatsoever! If we don't take off foundation that we've had on since the morning, then our skin can't oxygenate itself and our pores will get clogged - welcome to greasy skin, spots and a dull complexion. Plus, if we've haven't cleansed then applying a night cream is useless. And no night cream leads to dehydrated skin that will prematurely age. So, to keep your gorgeous, glowing complexion,cleansingeach evening is a BIG must.
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Alternatives to cleansers

The fact that you've run out cleanser doesn't mean you can give it a miss. Just head to the kitchen and you'll find something suitable in a flash! First off arevegetable oils. Olive, sunflower, rapeseed - all will do and there's nothing better than an oil to remove the most stubborn of make up. Packed with nutrients and regenerating vitamin E,vegetable oilsare a great alternative to cleansers that can also be used on your eyes. 

Don't go overboard though, or you'll end up with greasy skin. Milk is another option: hydrating, nourishing and softening, it gently cleanses skin, even if you've piled on several coats of your favourite waterproof mascara. Finally, coconut oil works a treat. Plus it smells heavenly! A nourishing oil, it deals with blotchiness and will soothe an irritated epidermis. Perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Warm up some oil or milk in your hands, gently massage on and then rinse off - easy as pie!
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