Planning a weekend getaway but not sure which beauty essentials to pack?

You're desperate for a break, but not on the beauty front... Here are our tips on travelling light without compromising your glowing complexion!

Travel size products

We no longer need to decant our lotions and potions. Nowadays travel size day/night creams and cleansers are all the rage.

Which means we can still enjoy pampering our skin whilst we're away! The single-dose option: small enough to slip in your pocket.

A weekend away or overnight stay?

Pick up single dose treatments or raid your sample drawer.  

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100ml - the hand luggage maximum!

In 2007, laws were introduced banning containers in hand luggage with more than 100ml of fluid. Be warned that this is now a global norm and customs will confiscate or make you leave behind any items that exceed this limit. It's a security measure, the added benefit being that we can pack light. It may complicate our lives, but it's also forced cosmetic companies to come out with handy, travel-sized options. Even so, it can be a real pain in the butt deciding what to pack and what to ditch when preparing our vanity case. 
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A list of nomadic beauty essentials

You've been counting down the days...

A much-needed and well-earned break... 

To look fabulous and keep your skin in tip-top shape, here's our list of items to slip into your bag:

- cleansing wipes because cleansing is the non-negotiable, one way ticket to flawless skin.

- a travel size day cream to keep your skin protected 24 hours a day. The idea is for your body and soul to flop on a beach, not your skin!

- a travel size night cream so that your skin can regenerate overnight, leaving you with a gorgeous, yo
uthful glow.

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