Our tips to get rid of eye bags

6 tips to reduce and or avoid eye bags. Goodbye puffy eyes and hello new you!
Between 10,000 and 20,000 blinks per day: that's a lot of work for your eye contour, where the skin is particularly fine and sensitive. The result: signs of fatigue quickly set in. Stress, screens and no sleep only make things worse.So some mornings, the eye contour really needs some help to get rid of eye bags that weigh down and age your skin. The eye area is a key beauty area that attracts 40% of attention. Unfortunately, under-eye bags get worse with age, generally after 40. The cause: water retention, muscle sagging and movement of fats under the eyelids.
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6 effective tips to get rid of eye bags:

- When you get up, on an empty stomach, drink the juice of one lemon in a mug of warm water. This citrus fruit is known for its detoxifying properties and will drain the fluid that accumulates under the eyes, thus reducing eye bags.
- This hyper-sensitive area of the face can easily get dehydrated: choose a cooling gel formula that is not too greasy so that it doesn't get in your eyes. It should plump up wrinkles caused by dehydration under the eyes and get rid of eye bags. Apply every morning with tapping motions and potentially in the evening too with a light draining massage action.
- Opt for an eye contour product with a metal applicator as its cool surface will decongest your skin and its shape will perfectly mould to the eye contour, including the tear trough. Ideal for busy mornings.
- In the evening, take your makeup off with a foaming cleansing gel or the new generation of oils that emulsify with water. As well as eliminating makeup residues and pigments, its slippery texture is gentle on the skin. And there's a bonus: the application movements mean that you will massage and drain under-eye bags.
- Avoid a salty dinner. Salt encourages water retention in the night and the appearance of eye bags in the morning.
- Finally, there's no big secret: more sleep = less fatigue = reduced eye bags.
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