My fruit: crush juicy goodies for glowing skin

You eat five a day for your health, but what about your skin? Some fruits are brilliant for smoothing, moisturising and cleansing your complexion - which are your faves?

Brighten your skin

Stress, pollution, sun and age can dull your skin. Give it a boost with: - Lemon: rich in vitamin C and fruit acids. It's astringent, rebalancing, toning and counteracts blemishes. Used as a cure, it's a great detox ingredient. In cosmetics, it cleanses, softens and brightens the complexion. - Grape: rich in vitamins, fruit acids and antioxidants. It's astringent, adds minerals, tones and brightens all skin types, especially mature skin. Detoxifying and draining, grape also thoroughly cleanses the body. 
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Reduce wrinkles

With age, fine lines appear, laughter lines show and deep wrinkles settle in. Fight back with: - Red fruits: strawberries, gooseberries, blackberries, cherries and raspberries have real anti-ageing properties. They help regenerate cells and repair skin damage. - Orange: rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it slows cell ageing and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. A natural moisturiser, it also fights against dryness caused by the sun. - Pomegranate: combats the effects of ageing and reduces free radicals. It stimulates cell renewal in the epidermis. 
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Moisturising and soothing

Itchy, tight or ruddy skin? Calm a sensitive and fragile face with: - Melon: thanks to its high water content, it's nutritious and refreshing. It deeply nourishes and moisturises even dry skin, and also relaxes and smoothes. - Bananas: great for relaxing taut skin. If you're sunburned or your skin is irritated, apply a slice of banana peel for relief. 
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Purify that epidermis

Treat skin that's oily, acne-prone or suffers from minor imperfections with: - Grapefruit: antiseptic and astringent, it tones and rejuvenates all skin types and purifies oily skin. It also helps the body banish toxins. - Tomato: rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it purifies, disinfects and brightens skin. It also removes blackheads and naturally scrubs the skin's surface.
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