Get glowing skin : how should I choose my night cream

Hitting the sack without applying a night cream is a BIG no-no - who wouldn't want to boost their skin while they sleep ? But faced with the vast array of night creams on the market, we need a little help to choose the right one :

The right night cream for your age

Under 25 : Young skins can give night creams a miss until the age of 25 to 30. Cell renewal has not started to slow down, and applying a moisturising day cream is enough. 

From 30 to 50 : Start applying anti-ageing treatments when you hit your 30s. Choose a night cream according to the results you're after, whether anti-wrinkle, firming or plumping.

After 50 : It's time to repair the skin and move onto global anti-ageing products. Opt for rich formulae that provide fortifying calcium, moisturising hyaluronic acid and stimulating peptides. By gently massaging them in with your fingertips, you'll also improve your skin tone and give your circulation a boost.

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The right night cream for your skin type

Dry skin : To combat dry skin, apply a rich, creamy night cream that will nourish the skin overnight, pumping it full of nutrients without causing irritation. 

Normal skin : Normal skins love light-textured creams, as the epidermis is supple and doesn't need to be fed by richer treatments. 

Oily skin : Oily skins age slower, so night care may not be an issue early on. Go for lotions or gels that allow the skin to breathe. 

Acne-prone skin : Apply a fluid night cream or gel to avoid stimulating the sebum production that causes greasy skin. The bonus is a cool sensation that soothes sensitive skin.

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The right night cream for the season

Spring and summer : To combat the effects of salt, wind, heat and sun, apply a light serum before your night cream. This will moisturise and repair your skin while you sleep, so it's ready to face the elements the following day. 

Autumn and winter : To nurture dry, poorly nourished skin, go for comforting creams that are thicker in texture and rich in nourishing antioxidants such as vitamins C and E. You can always opt for a face oil that will improve the dermis's tone and feed the epidermis without leaving a greasy film.

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