Fancy whipping up some 100% natural homemade treatments?

For tip-top glowing skin, look no further than your fridge! Cheap and 100% natural, homemade treatments can do the world of good.

Natural is back!

Eco-friendly and waste-limiting homemade concoctions are taking households by storm. And that includes skin-loving treatments!

Creams, masks, lotions, floral waters, scrubs...

Everything you need to keep your skin flawless and glowing.  Cucumber hydrates, honey nourishes, avocado is packed with protein, bananas soften, chocolate is an antioxidant, egg whites firm up skin and sugar makes a great scrub. All you need to do is raid your kitchen for skin-pampering ingredients!

You can also throw in purifying clay, hydrating aloe vera and essential oils - all readily available 100% natural products.  However don't play at being a chemist! Not everything we put in our mouths is good for our skin, some ingredients don't react well together and others need to be carefully dosed. And don't forget to test your treatment on the inside of your elbow or wrist, where your skin is more likely to show up any adverse reactions.

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