Concealers : kiss goodbye to panda eyes !

We all have concealer in our make-up bags - it's essential for hiding those dark circles that seem to be saying we've been burning the candle at both ends (and they would be right). But are you using yours in the right way ? We investigate why dark circles appear, and reveal the tips you need to REALLY disguise them with concealer.

Why do dark circles appear ?

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Lack of sleep, stress, smoking or a bad diet are quite literally written on our face; particularly in the eye contour, which is the most sensitive and fragile area. Dark circles appear where there's poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Blue deoxygenated blood and/or brown pigment spots, resulting from slow lymphatic drainage, accumulate in the face, and this results in dark circles under the eyes, where the skin is four times thinner than the rest of the face. Dark circles can also be hereditary and worsen over the years.
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How to use concealer

Step 1 Moisturise the eye contour area. If you don't, your concealer will fill your wrinkles, drying the skin and making them even more visible. The colour won't be uniform and the product won't set on the skin. 

Step 2 Choose the right colour. You need a shade that's half a tone lighter than your foundation. If your dark circles are brown, go for an ivory or yellow concealer. If they're bluish, opt for a yellow/orange tone to cancel out the blue. Avoid pink tones, as these will make your dark circles look grey. 

Step 3 Choose the right texture. Avoid very creamy textures, as these will fill wrinkles, or dry concealers, which can dehydrate the eye contour; try to use a product that's as fluid as possible. 

Step 4 Apply your concealer with your finger. Smooth it along your lash line, working from the inside to the outside of your eyes. Then gently tap the areas treated to further blend in the colour. You can also brighten your complexion by applying concealer to your nose, chin or minor blemishes. Follow this by applying your foundation with a brush. Finish with a dusting of loose powder to set your make-up.

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