Beauty essentials to pop in your bag

Most of us carry our lives around in our handbags, just in case we need something. Better safe than sorry, as they say... That said, we can't always lug around a heavy bag. So, which beauty essentials should we keep?
There are often times when we need to freshen up; an unexpected invitation, date, meeting... So top of the list is your make up bag.
But that doesn't mean taking the entire contents of your dressing table!   
A lip balm.Whatever the time of year, our lips are constantly under attack. Dry or chapped lips are painful and unsightly. This beauty essential will nourish and protect them.   
A compact powder. Your make up may not last all day if you tend to have shiny skin. Compact powder is great quick-fix, beauty essential that can be easily applied before you step into a meeting or head out to see your mates.   
A mini-mascara. With a wave of its magic wand, a coat of mascara will immediately leave you looking wide-eyed and ready to go.   
Perfume Dig out your perfume samples or invest in a little spray decanter, so you can spritz yourself as and when needed.   
A antiperspirant/deodorant. Heat, cold, stress and temperature fluctuations can leave us a little wiffy and in need of freshening up.   
A retractable/fold away hairbrush. If you have long hair, add a scrunchie or hair clip - windswept hair can always be put up in an elegant bun.   
A hand cream. Frequently washing our hands and cold weather can leave them looking leathery. Moisturise and protect your hands as soon as their skin feels tight.
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