10 essential skin care tips for flawless skin

Looking after your skin means treating it. Care for it at the right time and in the right way. We reveal our top-secret skin care tips for naturally flawless skin.

You are what you eat

What you eat shows through your skin; perfect complexion comes from the inside. To get beautiful skin, make sure your diet includes:

- Antioxidants: fruit and vegetables, especially red and orange ones. Above all, eat plenty of carrots.They are rich in beta-carotene, which gives your complexion an apricot glow.

- Vitamin A, or retinol. Contained in carrots, cheese, eggs and oily fish.

- Vitamin C: the anti ageing vitamin. Gives you a glowing complexion. And that is not all: it also boosts production of collagen fibres, thus firming up your skin.

- Green tea. As well as its decongestive properties, it encourages the elimination of toxins that dull the complexion. One of its components even protects the skin from ultra-violet rays.

- Olive oil. To fight against dry, crocodile skin, there is nothing better than linoleic acid, which prevents water from evaporating from skin cells.  

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Your beauty regime is essential too

All of the following are crucial steps to achieving healthy, flawless skin.

- Protection against external aggressions, particularly pollution. Apply a day cream every morning. It hydrates the face and slows down dehydration, helping you to get beautiful skin. Choose one with sun protection and vitamins, to reinforce your skin's defences.

- An eye contour product. Some unblock the pores and reduce bags for younger looking eyes and reduce lines and wrinkles.

- Cleansing. One of our most important skin care tips. Morning and night, remove your make up to get rid of the polluting particles and makeup residue that suffocate your skin. Your skin will straight away be able to breathe more easily.

- Night-time nutrition. It is during the night that the skin rebuilds itself and regenerates. To do this, it needs vitamins, fatty acids and hydrating substances from a night cream applied just before bed.

- Finally, an essential yet often-forgotten beauty must: hydration from the inside to smooth out and plump up the skin. Drink plenty of water, herbal teas, fresh fruit juices and smoothies that are rich in vitamins.

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