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How To Dye Hair At Home:  Q&A On Hair Coloring - L’Oréal Paris

How To Dye Hair At Home: Q&A On Hair Coloring - L’Oréal Paris

Does hair coloring at home damage your hair?


No, hair coloring at home won’t damage your hair fiber, as long as you follow precautions for use: respect the leave-on time, don’t dye your hair too frequently and also use hair care products, such as the L’Oréal Elvive range, which is adapted for colored hair.


How can I achieve a beautiful hair color at home?

First identify which result you want to achieve: are you trying to cover greys or to go lighter? Or do you simply want to enhance your beautiful color by adding some tones?


Insider tips: L’Oréal Preference is great for hair lightening; Excellence ensures perfect grey hair coverage and the root touch-up Rescue covers up roots and greys within 2/3 weeks of coloring. Buy your hair color kit, and pay attention to instructions and the processing time. Don’t deviate from them. We’ve made them simple for you to follow and get a beautiful hair color at home.


How do I take care of my color?


All our kits, Casting, Preference and Excellence, contain an after-color conditioning care, which is a technology to keep the hair cuticle sealed and protect the hair coloring agents. There is enough in one dose to use it even between two colorations to prolong your hair’s shine and intensity. Whatever your hair color, avoid the sun, which is never good for the fiber.


Is at-home hair coloring less effective than at the hairdresser?


The short answer is no, it’s not less efficient. The key is reading the instructions carefully and only taking small sections. All the hair color kits created by L’Oréal provide detailed instructions so that you can get a great salon-like hair color. So remember, read the instructions carefully, take small sections and you will get a beautiful hair color at home.


How to choose the right shade for grey hair coverage?


A) Stay away from colors that are called Ash if you’re trying to cover greys.


B) Opt for a color that looks like your already color-treated hair. So if your hair looks like on the hair dye box “Medium Brown”, then that’s the color you should choose.


C) If you’re not sure, rather pick a lighter than a darker hair color. And finally, take a look at the L’Oréal Paris Virtual Try On tool to experiment with different hair shades before you choose a hair dye.


How to get golden highlights?


The answer is pretty simple. Usually you can get golden highlights by using hair dyes labelled Medium Golden Brown, Light Golden brown or Medium Golden Blonde and illuminate your hair with golden reflects.


What are the precautions to take when dying your hair?


Never forget to do the recommended allergy test 48-hours before hair coloring. It’s very simple and important for your safety, even if you dye your hair every month. Just apply a tiny amount of hair coloring cream (the one in the tube) behind your ear and leave it on for two days. It should neither be itchy nor swelling. This is the major precaution to take before hair coloring. Don’t forget to wear gloves, respect the leave-on time and never apply a hair color on the same day as relaxers.


How to apply hair dye?


You should first apply the hair dye carefully on your roots, taking small sections. Stay away from your ends until probably the last five to ten minutes of the processing time in the instructions. That’s because our ends are usually more porous than our roots. So I would always recommend starting at the roots and staying away from the ends to get a beautiful, great hair color.


How to avoid stains on your forehead during the hair coloring?


Use a little bit of hair conditioner on your hairline to protect your forehead from stains if you’re using a darker color. The lighter hair color shades, usually do not stain. No need to worry about stains because once you rinse your hair and apply the after-color conditioner, most of them will go away.


How to choose a hair color shade that suits your skin tone?


All hair colors are suitable for all skin tones. Please don’t think that you have to stick to a certain hair color. Hair colors are universal, they are for all of us. Have fun with them. If you want to try and be a redhead, go for it, you can rock it. However, you should then also use complementary cosmetics, for example a new lipstick or eyeliner. When you try a different hair color, just follow the instructions, look at the shade guide and check if your natural hair color is listed there, remember to stay within two levels and enjoy your new hair color.


How to get a hair color that does not turn brassy?


First – whatever the tone, select the hair color shades which are the coolest, 1, 2 and 7. 1 for ashy, 2 for iridescent and 7 for matte. Then use the L’Oréal Elvive Purple range, which has a purple neutralizing agent, preventing any color from turning brassy.


How to maintain and protect your hair color?


There are two very important tricks to protect and prolong your hair color for several weeks. First, always use the post-coloration conditioner, which is a technology we have in all our kits; Casting, Excellence and Preference. They seal the cuticles so that the coloring agents don’t leak out. Then use the Elvive Color Vive Range, that provides you with plenty of products adapted to prolong your hair color intensity for several weeks.


How to read your hair color’s technical number?


The first number always refers to the color of the hair, that we call the tone. From 1, which is very dark black, to 10, very light blonde. And then come the primary and secondary hair color shades from one to seven. One is Ashy, two Iridescent, three is Gold, four Copper, five Mahogany, six Red and seven Matte.


Is it okay to dye your hair if it’s super dry?


Of course you can color your hair whatever your hair type, even if it’s very dry, thanks to the post-coloration conditioner included in all our kits. It will re-seal the cuticle and prevent any further dryness. If your hair is still very dry three days before dying it, fix your base with Elvive Nutrition masks in Extraordinary Oil, for example. You will find several kinds of masks to repair and nurture your hair in order to get a better, long lasting result in terms of intensity and shininess.


What hair color should you use to cover grey roots?


If you want to cover your first grey hairs, Casting Crème Gloss will be the perfect choice. If you have more than a few ones, then choose L’Oréal Excellence for 100% grey hair coverage, because its technology makes the coloring agent penetrate inside the fiber.


What should you do if grey hair is still visible after you colored it?


A couple of things may have happened. Make sure you have been following the processing leave-on time mentioned in our very detailed instruction sheets. Try not to rinse before that time is completed. You might also have used a hair color that is too light and should maybe try a darker one. When you’ve dyed your roots, the color might be looking lighter and therefore whiter than the rest of your hair. So try a color shade that’s darker. Excellence Cream is ideal for the coverage of resisting grey hair.


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