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Life begins at 40... And so does our anti-wrinkle campaign!

Life begins at 40... And so does our anti-wrinkle campaign!

The laughter lines are there, but now our wrinkles are making their mark. Follow our anti-ageing beauty hacks to combat these unwelcome arrivals.

40 years old, when wrinkles settle in.

Being 40+ is one of the most liberating times of our lives - we're gorgeous and at ease with our feminine appeal. Indeed, some psychologists have confirmed that 40 is the new 30! That said, it's also the moment when our skin begins to age at a faster rate. Frowning, blinking, sunbathing, pollution and smoking ensure that, as the years pass, our expression lines dig deeper. And, boy, are they clingy. A real pet peeve! To add insult to injury, during our forties our skin begins to lose its elasticity. This is due to a changes in the production and quality of collagen and elastin fibres When we gaze into our mirrors, our frown lines, crow's feet and nasolabial folds betray our age.

40 years old: time for an anti-ageing cream

To minimise the appearance of wrinkles during our forties, we need a multi-purpose treatment. Yup, you've guessed it - time to invest in an anti-ageing cream that will deal with all the skincare issues a 40 year old has to face. Anti-ageing treatments will combat wrinkles, smoothe out skin, add plumpness, fade liver spots and densify facial skin. In other words they firm up our skin and redefine our facial contours.

The 40+ beauty routine

- In the morning, apply an anti-ageing firming serum to clean, dry skin. Follow with an anti-wrinkle and anti-liver spot cream that contains an high factor SPF to protect your skin from age-inducing UV rays. If you're still not happy with your skin tone, you can finish by applying a blur cream that will 'Photoshop out' any persistent wrinkles.

- At night, cleanse your skin with micellar water to gently remove make up, pollution, smoke, dust and sweat. Finish off by applying a night cream. If your skin feels tight (for example as the seasons change or if you're feeling exhausted), you can also apply a soothing face oil. Useful tip: Before applying your night cream, massage in the oil, so as to pump your skin with its beneficial lipids.

- To complete your anti-ageing beauty routine, apply an eye contour cream both morning and night.

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