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How to dye your hair at home: 5 tips for easy application

How to dye your hair at home: 5 tips for easy application

Having the hair color you want doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can easily get your desired look from the convenience of home. Whether you’re a seasoned hair dyeing pro or a complete newbie, check out our top tips to make sure everything runs smoothly before your next hair color session at home,

1. Prepare your hair

In the run up to dyeing your hair, make sure it’s in good condition. In addition to taking it easy with heat styling, invest in a good conditioner or hair mask to give your hair plenty of hydration. Look out for products with super moisturising ingredients, such as coconut oil, macadamia oil, argan oil and keratin. This is also good practice for hair dye aftercare.

2. Choose the right dye for you

With such a wide range of hair colors in a whole spectrum of shades, choosing your dye is about more than just the color you want. Select which features and ingredients of a hair color are most important to you. If you want a hair dye to completely cover grey hair, choose L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème as it is designed with a triple protection system and works even on stubborn grey hair. If you are looking for a new trendy look, L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion provides premium color performance with Hi-Shine complex, leaving hair glossy after dyeing.

3. Buy a spare box

It can be a good idea to buy a spare box, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever colored your hair. Shoulder length or longer hair may need a little more color, depending on if you have thick or fine hair. To avoid running out mid-color session, it’s best to have a spare. You can always use it next time if you don’t need it immediately.

4. Test your color first

It may be tempting to skip the color test and dive straight in, but it’s worth remembering that your hair is unique. Everyone's hair is different, so the only way to know what the finished color will look like on you is by testing it on some hidden strands of hair first.

5. Dress for the occasion

When using dye, accidents can happen. You don’t want to get hair bleach or dark patches on your favourite work outfit! Before starting, change into some old clothes, ideally something that you don’t have to pull over your head (like an old bathrobe).

Now that you’ve learned some simple tips to make hair coloring at home nice and easy, the fun can really begin! Enjoy choosing your new look and creating your new image, safe in the knowledge that achieving your color at home can be super simple.

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