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5 ways to plump up your face

5 ways to plump up your face

As we get older, the tissues of our face start to slacken, and before we know it, we've lost volume, and the contours are less defined. Fortunately we've got five top tips to plump up your face and restore that youthful glow.


A loss of volume and softness in the skin is mainly caused by a lack of hydration and a loss of elasticity. What you need is hyaluronic acid. It hydrates the epidermis and repairs weaknesses in the skin, thus slowing down water evaporation. Creams enriched with mineral and sugars do a similar job, too.

Choose the right active ingredients

There are several ingredients that tackle a loss of elasticity. Top of the bunch is hyaluronic acid (yes that again, but it really is your skin's BFF). It goes down into the skin where it plumps up the intracellular membranes, stimulates the support fibres (collagen and elastin) and boosts cellular renewal. You can also use pro-xylane and retinol. What do these do ? They boost and protect collagen, and encourage the production of natural hyaluronic acid (yes, your body does create its own, but it needs a helping hand as you get older). Firming and lifting creams also contain antioxidants (silicium, vitamin E), which protect the tissues from free radicals.

Try mesotherapy

Dermatologists can give local micro injections of a cocktail of hyaluronic acid + vitamins + minerals. They fill out wrinkles instantly and boost the production of support fibres to tackle sagging skin. Yes, please.

Pamper yourself

Before applying a cream (or during application if its texture allows), you should massage your skin. A good massage optimises the penetration of the active ingredients in a product, it stimulates blood and lymphatic microcirculation; boosting cell renewal; and removes toxins from the face. Smooth the skin from the centre to the outside of the face and then from the bottom to the top of the face to tackle sagging skin.

Stop smoking

We cannot say it enough ; tobacco, and particularly nicotine, is lethal for your skin. Cigarette smoke produces free radicals, which attack the support fibres and weaken the structure of the skin. As a result, the face sags and loses its contours. Besides, if a vape pen is good enough for Leo DiCaprio, it's good enough for us.

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