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Tips, tricks and colours to use when dyeing grey hair

Tips, tricks and colours to use when dyeing grey hair

Grey hair is an inevitable fact of life. But whether you choose to hide your grey or let it shine, dyeing your hair and picking your perfect colour needn’t be a chore.

Covering up grey hair

For blondes, greys can blend in quite nicely with a few honey blonde highlights. But greys stand out more on dark brunettes. One of the best ways to hide greys on dark hair is to colour them with highlights. This blends them into your base and makes them less noticeable. For example, some chestnut highlights will liven up and add dimension to dark brown hair while still providing plenty of coverage.

Alternatively, all-over permanent dyes are ideal for when you want to colour a lot of greys. But you definitely don’t have to stick to blonde and brunette shades. Why not go red? A light, strawberry blonde is perfect if you have very pale grey or white hairs; it will blend in better with the regrowth.

Regardless of the colour you choose, you have to make sure your hair is nourished and in top condition. Hair becomes drier and coarser as you grow older, so opt for products that caress your tresses. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème hair dye provides 100% grey coverage, and is designed with an exclusive triple protection system and is formulated with Pro-Keratin complex that keeps your hair moisturised and protects your color after dyeing.

Take the leap and go grey

If you’ve made the decision to ditch the dye, you might be left wondering how to go grey from coloured hair. There are many options, and finding the right one for you can be daunting. Some women dive into the deep end, opting to shave their head or chop their tresses into a pixie cut after only a few inches of growth. Of course, this kind of drastic change isn’t for everyone. Many women grow their grey hair out naturally until there’s enough length for a bob or shoulder length cut. This process does take quite a long time and can leave a demarcation line between the two colours.

However, you don’t have to quit the dye cold turkey. It can help you transition. Colouring grey hair with highlights and lowlights will help blend the greys with your dyed shade. Lifting that base colour will help as well, particularly if it’s dark. Think of it as a colour correcting process, but instead of matching your natural or dyed hair, it matches the grey. Dyeing grey hair makes for a gradual process that eases the transition. Choose a good mix of greys, whites and ash toned blonde and brunette shades for a beautiful, natural look.

Whether you go decide to go blonde, brunette, or even let your natural grey take centre stage, there’s a colour out there that will suit you when the greys start poking through.

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