Time to say stop to signs of ageing

Ah, eternal youth ÉWe all dream of it, waiting for that one miracle product that will stop the clock. What if this superhero came in the form of anti ageing skincare products? These days, they have the power to visibly slow down the onset of signs of ageing!

When those first signs of ageing appear&hellip

The first thing we need to mention is this: we're all different when it comes to wrinkles! Some of us will still have smooth and firm skin as enter our 40s, others will see their first fine lines crop up from as early as their 20s. And the very first indication of ageing skin is often the emergence of frown lines, the nasty vertical wrinkle that deepens when you frown and then seems to settle there permanently. Normally the smaller lines tend to appear between your 20s and 30s, and often at the corners of your eyes. When you hit 35, expression lines creep in and start become more pronounced. From 45, skin ageing steps it up a notch and at this point you start to see deeper wrinkles. Then, hormonal ageing attacks your epidermis: dark spots, thinner skin, loss of radiance ...But by preventing this ageing and using specially adapted skincare, you can put these signs of ageing on hold! 

Prevent and delay the onset of wrinkles

Skin ageing is a programmed genetic phenomenon: we simply cannot escape it! However, there are other factors at play as well that encourage the appearance of those first wrinkles: the sun, pollution, tobacco, lack of sleep, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress…Here are our three golden rules to avoid wrinkles:- Moisturise your skin morning and evening, from as young as possible Use both a moisturiser and an anti-wrinkle cream to slow down the skin ageing process.- Protect your skin from the sun: never go out in the sun without sun cream and even in winter make sure your skin is protected. Our advice? Use a moisturiser with an SPF.- Lead a balanced lifestyle: stop smoking, drink water, and lots of it, get involved in sport, have a healthy diet and make sure you get a good night's sleep. 

Slow down skin ageing and eliminate signs of passing time

There are lots of beauty products which help to reduce the marks of time without having to go under the knife or use aesthetic medicine. From the moment that you see those first wrinkles appear, apply anti-wrinkle skincare which will help smooth and blur them out. It will also give your skin the hydration boost it needs to keep its smoothness and elasticity. When the wrinkles are really set in, opt for anti ageing skincare which is specially adapted to mature skin and will tackle different signs of ageing: loss of firmness and volume, blemishes, fine lines, dehydration, loss of radiance… Change your beauty routine to include skincare that is specific to each zone you want to target: your face where skin becomes thin, rough and blemished; the contours of the face that change and blur; the eye area to fight dark circles, bags and the tear trough; the neck and décolletage which loss firmness… Nothing is missed!