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Li Bingbing's passionate contribution to environmental protection and public charity.

Li Bingbing believes that her public service is one of the most important business in life. She is actively involved in the field of environmentally friendly causes. Her enthusiasm, commitment and action has affected and motivated many people. She served as International Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Programme, WWF Earth Hour Global Ambassador, international climate organization "Million Forest" project sponsor. Because of her passionate contribution to environmental protection and public charity, she was granted the title of the world's most influential ambassadors by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).


The beauty of Li Bing-bing shines in full bloom, transcending time and geography.


Li Bing-bing is a paramount actress and an exemplary woman. She has long been involved in charitable efforts and has always made a point of practicing what she preaches promoting the concept of leading a responsible life with a focus on carbon emission reduction and environmental protection - all in a fun and fashionable way. Li is a UNEP Ambassador, WWF Earth Hour Global Ambassador and the founding member of Million Trees Project. She also established a brand L.O.V.E, a charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of a positive, environmentally responsible lifestyle. Her commitment to green and charitable causes has earned her the recognition as “the most influential global ambassador” from World Wildlife Fund.