Pour Your Skin A Revitalising Cuppa Article

Pour your skin a revitalising cuppa

Detoxifying, slimming, cholesterol-reducing, digestion-easing, packed with vitamin C... Tea (green in particular) has long been recognised for its health benefits. What's more, our humble morning wake up call is also great for our skin!

Tea's been a stalwart of Asian culture since time immemorial. But there's more to tea than teatime... Tea (especially green tea) is now back under the spotlight. Why? Because teas not only have calming, health-boosting properties, but also amazing skin-friendly benefits.

A turbo-charged antioxidant

Tea's renowned for its antioxidant action and white tea leads the pack. 100% more powerful than green tea, it contains 3 times more polyphenols. These molecules obliterate free radicals responsible for oxidation, a process that ages our skin and harms our cells. And its tea's polyphenol content that makes it such a good age-buster. It's able to protect collagen and elastin, keeping saggy skin and wrinkles at bay. 

Leaving us with great skin!

By neutralising free radicals, tea supports our immune system, so it can combat infections, inflammation and sort out our skin. The antioxidants in tea eliminate toxins, meaning it helps to combat acne caused by an overload of toxic waste. It's thanks to tea's antioxidants that our skin can expel impurities. So if you've been out on the razzle, have a cuppa before bed and avoid morning-after-the-night-before skin! Tea helps firm, hydrate, soften and soothe skin, leaving it healthy and comfy. 

It also deals with tired or hungover eyes!

Thanks to its decongesting properties, you can kiss goodbye to puffy panda mornings. It calms red eyes and drains away stagnating fat and water that cause unsightly bags. For best results, brew up and cool two chamomile tea bags and then place them on your eyes for five minutes. Chamomile's anti-inflammatory properties can handle the worst of offenders!