Mature skin : keep your complexion glowing during your later years.

You've probably limited their appearance, you may even be fond of some, and, most of all, you've accepted that they're part of life, but while you're at peace with your wrinkles, a dull, pale complexion is still a definite no-no ! The good news is you can get a radiant and glowing complexion, even if you're 60+.


Natural ageing...

Biological changes in our skin occur around the age of 55, a few years after the menopause. With the reduction of oestrogen levels, our skin changes and, for some of us, gazing lovingly into the mirror may become a thing of the past. Our skin becomes thinner, less plump and drier. Mentally we may be raring to go, but our faces become tired, pale and no longer in sync with our youthful state of mind. Even if we've resigned ourselves to our skin's ageing process ; such as wrinkles, loss of volume or liver spots ; we don't want to lose our natural glow. Even with a good dose of blusher, it's hard to hide our tired features. This is all down to slowing circulation and impaired dermal vascularisation. The colour component of our skin decreases and the skin dulls. Throw in some wrinkles and our skin's surface appears uneven, as light becomes poorly reflected. Here's how to keep a bright, rosy-cheeked complexion.

A radiant complexion at 60+

The main culprit for robbing your mature skin of a youthful peachy glow is a slow-down in circulation and impaired dermal vascularisation, so stimulating the skin's circulation is key.  Massage is your first weapon. Gently massage your cheeks, nose and temples using circular movements, and finish off by lighting tapping your face with your fingertips.  Next, use fine-grain facial scrubs to rid the skin of dead cells that suffocate the epidermis and prevent adequate oxygenation.  Finally, moisturise your face with an anti-ageing cream that's rich in active ingredients, such as imperial peony or light-reflective pigments to combat oxidative stress.  And, of course, nature always needs a helping hand, so apply a touch of bronzing powder to your cheekbones and a highlighter under your brows to create a youthful, sun-kissed look.