Mature skin : firm up your neck

Along with our hands and cleavage, our neck quickly shows the passage of time. Over the years, it loses elasticity and firmness, becoming loose and flabby. So now is as good a time as any to give it some TLC.

Moisturiser to the rescue !

You know your skin type and how to take care of your face, but what about your neck ? Our neck skin is often neglected, so it's time to knuckle down and give it some much needed attention. Firstly, use a scrub once a week to get rid of dead cells. Neck skin is extremely thin and fragile, so go gently and only use a product with fine grains. You can use the same scrub that you use for your face. Finish off by applying a moisturising and nourishing lotion that you should smooth down to your cleavage. From the age of 50 onwards, use a neck firming treatment that's rich in hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Look up to the ceiling and apply the lotion using upward strokes. And as soon as the sun appears, opt for a firming formula that contains an SPF.

Tone up

A few simple stretching and toning exercises are great for firming up neck skin. Place your hand on your forehead and push your head against it, giving your neck a forward stretch. Hold for 10 seconds, then release. Next, put your hands behind your head and look up towards the ceiling. After 10 seconds, jut out your jaw, stretching your neck muscles. Stick with it ; these exercises will firm up the neck and help to reduce a double chin !

Adopt new habits

Pay constant attention to your posture throughout the day. Sit up straight when you're in front of your computer, and write text messages with your phone at eye level, rather than hunching over the screen. Hunching can cause shoulder and upper back pain, as well as encouraging neck wrinkles to appear. Don't forget to cleanse your neck at night, to get rid of any environmental impurities. Go for a soothing, lipid-rich cleansing oil. Finish off by splashing with cold water to firm the skin.