Kiss dark circles goodbye for once and for all

You've woken up to unsightly dark circles under your eyes... Not the best start to the day. But don't panic, you can get rid of them for good and wake up looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Here's the truth about dark circles, and a few myths busted.

Dark circles are always caused by a lack of sleep

False. Insomnia, short nights, bad sleep... Fatigue is one of the root causes of dark circles, but it's not the only one: respiratory problems, poor circulation, high caffeine consumption and stress can also be to blame. 

Dark circles and puffiness are the same thing

False. Dark circles and bags have different causes. The former are caused by poor circulation leading to an accumulation of blood under the eyes and the distinct bluey/purple hue of the blood vessels affected. Bags, however, are due to fat deposits gathering under the eyelids.

Careful cleansing helps get rid of dark circles

True. Cleansing is paramount if you want to preserve a fresh-faced look. The idea is to remove impurities that dull the eye contour and allow this fragile zone to breathe. If you don't remove your make-up or cleanse, then even the best of eye contour treatments won't provide the desired effect. 

Caffeine is bad for dark circles

False. Although we're not suggesting that you cake your eyes in coffee powder ! Opt for an eye contour treatment that's rich in caffeine (alongside aloe vera, yeast extract or holly root), as this will stimulate blood flow. Apply morning and evening after your usual cream ; it will work better on skin that's well hydrated.

Concealer is the best way to camouflage dark circles

True. Providing it's the right colour, a concealer can work wonders : go for a tone that's half a shade lighter than your foundation. Apply it with your finger, smoothing it along your lash line, working from the inside to the outside of your eyes. Then gently tap the areas treated to further blend in the colour.