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Elisabeth Bouhadana

Elisabeth Bouhadana

Elisabeth Bouhadana has an envious educational background that maps her journey to becoming L’Oréal Paris' Global Scientific Communications Director.

Elisabeth has been working in the L’Oréal group for more than 17 years: first specialising in skincare, with seven years focused within the ChevillyLarue skin care labs before moving in to the field of development of professional aesthetic procedures range for dermatologists. After five years as International Scientific Communication Director at inneov (a L'Oréal & Nestlé joint venture nutritional supplements for skin and hair benefits) she joined the L’Oréal Paris International team in 2012 as Global Scientific Communications Director.

She received her postgraduate degree in Enzymology from Paris XI Orsay University, followed by training at Natural Product Chemistry Institute (ICSN) in Gif sur Yvette, (France). Following this, she completed her postgraduate studies at PARIS IX Dauphine University in Innovation & Technology Management.

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