In-flight tips for beautiful skin

When you are 40,000ft above the earth, your skin will begin to suffer. So, how exactly can you keep it beautiful all the way from take-off to landing ?

Your face is up against extreme conditions when you are on a plane. The cabin has very low humidity (20 per cent compared to the optimal comfort level of 50 per cent), which dries skin up at a phenomenal rate. For oily complexions, this can lead to an overproduction of sebum. With time zone changes, your skin's rhythm is disrupted and sometimes it will have difficulty adapting to its new environment. Lack of sleep causes cortisol ; the stress hormone ; to be released, which is responsible for the appearance of flushed skin. After just a few hours in the air, your face begins to look grey and tired. 

During the flight

Ideally, you shouldn't wear any make-up during a flight. This will allow your skin to breathe and for any products you apply to fully absorb. Before take-off, use a make-up removal wipe to clean your skin. Then, start your hydration regime. Every two hours, spritz your face generously with a fine mist of thermal water, then apply a hydrating serum to lock it in. When you feel the need, massage into your face your favourite travel-sized moisturiser ; preferably one with an SPF; which will help to reduce any puffiness. Throughout the journey, sip water regularly ; aim for one glass per hour; and apply a moisturising lip balm.

Upon landing

Once on the ground, if you have oily skin, remove any excess sebum with a cleansing wipe, then apply an anti-fatigue moisturiser. In the evening, gently exfoliate to remove any dead cells produced during the flight that can lead to blocked pores, then use a hydrating face mask. Before you know it, your skin will once again be soft, clear and beautiful.