How to perfect your beauty regime on holiday

Your bags are almost ready and your clothes are all packed : all that's left to do is think about skincare. While you may want to pack your entire bathroom cabinet, holidays are all about relaxing and keeping things simple. Here are the vacation skincare essentials that will perfect that holiday glow.

Skincare treatments

You'll need a moisturiser to keep your skin fully hydrated.Opt for a light serum and a day cream containing hyaluronic acid and sugars (proxylane and rhamnose). Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and boosts cell renewal. Sugars, in turn, stimulate water circulation and boost the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. To get rid of dead skin cells, sunscreens and salt, pack a gentle scrub to use once or twice a week. If you wear make-up, take some make-up remover wipes or micellar water in a mini format. And if possible, squeeze in a moisturising face mask to deeply hydrate the epidermis. Don't forget to slip a lip balm into your handbag too, to combat the dryness caused by hot summer days.  



If you only take one item with you, it has to be sunscreen. Whether an oil, cream or spray, choose an SPF suited to your skin type. Use a higher SPF on your face than body, as the skin here is more sensitive and has an increased risk of sunburn. Apply it every two hours, even if you're in the shade, and avoid the sun between midday and 4pm. After a day in the sun, the skin becomes hot and taut. Our tip: remember to pack an aftersun for both your face and body. Whether a lotion or a gel, this will soothe and nourish your skin. 


If you can, just take the bare minimum. A mascara and light powder is sometimes all you need. Opt for a brown mascara for a more subtle, flattering effect. And go for a bronzing powder that will blend easily with your newly tanned skin. Last but not least, don't forget to pop into Duty Free to pick up a bottle of your favourite perfume !