Helpful hints : Prepare the skin before applying a mask...

Face masks should be an essential part of your beauty regime. They can cleanse, purify or hydrate the skin deeply, and they offer, once a week, a moment of total relaxation. But to make the most of the treatment, you must prepare your skin properly. Here's how :

Remove make-up

A face mask should always be applied on perfectly clean skin, so before you do anything else, cleanse your face deeply. Start by removing make-up with a 100% oil product, such as a facial oil or a balm, which will remove the oil content contained in the make-up. Oil is great for the skin : it regulates the production of sebum in oily skin or, conversely, it can nourish and hydrate dry skin by providing essential fatty acids. This step, which is performed on a dry face, also helps remove excess oil and dirt accumulated during the day. Rinse with warm water.


Finish your make-up removal with a deep cleanse using an aqueous product (milk, gel, mousse) to eliminate residues of sweat, pollution and any oil left behind after the first step. This second step also allows you to treat skin problems such as enlarged pores, blackheads, dry skin and spots. Use light, circular movements with cotton wool and then rinse. Finish with a fine spray of thermal water to eliminate any traces of lime that may be present in your tap water. 


To enable the ingredients contained in your face mask to really penetrate the skin, you need to complete a final step: a face scrub. Choose a scrub with fine grains that won't damage the skin, and work from the middle to the outside of the face, not forgetting the neck, using light, circular movements to remove dead skin cells and help regeneration. Finally, rinse with warm water using a glove or a cotton pad. Voila, your skin is ready for your mask !