0% Foam + 0% Sulfate = 100% Healthier, Smooth Hair


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  • Product Benefits
  • Curls or frizzy hair can be naturally dry and brittle making it difficult to manage and prone to breakage. 1st Shampoo with no foam, no sulfate for curly, frizzy hair, enriched with Coconut Mint & Hibicus.

    No Foam = Delicately soften & hydrate curls, providing instant detangling with flexible bounce.

    No Sulfate = No stripping off hair natural moisture, giving you perfectly defined curls and protected against frizz.


    Use it like a shampoo. Apply 6-8 pumps (depending on hair length) to wet hair. Massage on scalp, distribute evenly throughout hair & rinse off after a few minutes. No additional conditioner needed.

    Ever Curl