Enjoy A Ten Minute Volumising Facial Massage Hero

Facial massage techniques anyone can do

We all head to the gym to keep fit and fight the flab, but what about facial fitness ? A daily facial massage is a great way to exercise your face and help to combat the signs of ageing.


Forehead massage to smooth out wrinkles

Using circular movements with your fingertips, massage your temples, eyebrows and forehead, working up to the top of your head and then down to your nape. Use your thumbs to massage around your ears. Then place your thumbs and index fingers on either side of your forehead and apply a gentle pressure. Finish off by smoothing the skin from the middle of your forehead out towards your temples. Result : forehead lines are reduced and your complexion will be visibly smoother.

Eye massage to eliminate signs of tiredness

Place your thumbs on your inner eyebrows and, while applying a gentle pressure, slide them out towards the temples. Repeat, but this time start from just above your eyebrows. Result : a fresh-faced, wide-awake look.

Cheekbone massage to stimulate circulation

Start by lightly pinching and twisting the skin on your cheeks, working up towards the lower eye contour. Then place your hands on either side of your nose and and slide your index fingers along your cheekbones. Finish by applying a gentle pressure and smooth the skin up towards your temples. Result : boosted circulation, bright skin and a natural, rosy glow. 

Facial contour massage to define your features

Starting from the ear lobe, massage along your jawline, using small, circular movements with your index and middle fingers. Continue towards your chin and then work back up to where you began. Repeat this several times. Result : toned skin and defined facial contours. 

Massage to smooth your neck

Do this when applying an anti-ageing cream, preferably one enriched with moisturising active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Gently smooth your cream onto your neck, starting under your chin and working down to your collarbones. Result : your lymphatic drainage will be boosted and your neck skin will be firmer.