Enjoy a 10-minute volumising facial massage!

Your skin looks tired and worn... Time to treat yourself to a relaxing, 10-minute revolumising massage. The technique:
Seasonal changes, short nights, days when your skin looks saggy, moments when you need a little pampering... There's nothing better than to apply your day or night cream using a plumping massage technique!

Morning volumising facial massage

Step 1: make sure your face and hands are clean. Place a dollop of cream on the back of your hand without warming it up - this will keep its active ingredients in tact. Step 2: dot your cream around your face (cheeks, forehead, neck...). Don't forget your cleavage - often overlooked but just as needy as our faces. Step 3: so that your cream fully penetrates your skin, massage it in using large circular movements, working out from the centre of your face. Step 4: finish off by gently smoothing it across your face, again working out from the middle of your face. It's the best way to ensure that your skin soaks up its goodness.

Evening volumising massage

Step 1: in the evening make sure your face is perfectly cleansed and grime-free. Apply your night cream to the back of your hand (again without warming it up) and dab it onto your forehead, chin, cheeks... Step 2: tap it in with your fingertips - this will help it to penetrate your skin and give your circulation a good boost. Step 3: finish off by using your palms to smooth your cream over your face, still working out from the centre. .  Within a few minutes you'll find that your newly-glowing skin looks youthfully plump and as fresh as a daisy!