Double cleansing, should I give it a try ?

We all know the golden rule - cleansing is essential if we want to keep our skin glowing. In Asia, they've gone one step further by inventing the double cleansing beauty regime... The question is does doubling up mean double the benefits, or is it in fact a complete waste of time ?

The trend Asian women swear by

Inspired by Asian beauty regimes, double cleansing is actually a simplified version of the Japanese layering trend, a six-step process that women in Japan use in their quest for flawless skin. Double cleansing is a more achievable two-step regime, using gentle, effective products that don't harm the epidermis.

How does it work ?

It requires two products: one oily and one aqueous. First you apply an oil or balm that will remove all residues of make-up, pollution, excess sebum and sweat. Warm some of the oil in the palm of your hand and massage across dry skin; eyes included ; using circular movements. Add a bit of water to create a purifying emulsion and rinse with cool water.  Once the skin is rid of impurities, you thoroughly cleanse again, using an aqueous product such as a gel or cleansing milk, which will soothe sensitive skin or rehydrate a parched complexion. Using a cotton pad, work the gel or milk into skin using small, circular movements. Finish off by misting the face with floral water to remove any limescale.

But is it worth the effort ?

Cleansing is the only way to maintain a clear, healthy skin, but this process can be a bit trying. You'll probably get through stacks of cotton pads if you need to get rid of stubborn make-up like smoky eyes, some lipsticks and waterproof mascara. The more dedicated among you may well appreciate this new beauty trend. But if you're in a hurry, you'll probably want to give it a miss.