Dense vs firm skin - what exactly is the difference?

When we talk about signs of ageing, wrinkles, age spots and saggy cheeks spring to mind. Passing years, however, also affect firmness and density, but what exactly does this mean and how do they differ?

The first signs of ageing

Our skin begins to age in our mid-twenties, when its appearance and structure starts to change. It's at this age that our skin's biological mechanisms begin to slow down and production of naturally present elastin and collagen starts to reduce. The result? Early signs of ageing skin. Loss of density and firmness, alongside the appearance of wrinkles are proof enough. The causes? Age and our genetic heritage are unavoidable factors. However, external factors including lifestyle also have a huge impact on the state of our skin - factors that we can change!

Loss of skin density

Loss of density appears a bit later in life - usually we when we hit our peri or post-menopausal years. Our skin becomes less resistant and finer, deeper wrinkles crop up and our complexion dulls. Why? Firstly, elastin and collagen production slows down as our skin ages. Secondly, years of basking in the sun and lighting up 20 a day will finally take their toll. To improve skin density, we need to apply antioxidant rich treatments that protect our skin and slow down the ageing process. If you want to go one step further, you can book a chemical peeling session, where a dermatologist will smoothe out your skin tone and texture by removing your skin's top layers. It'll leave your skin looking thicker and denser and boost collagen production.

Loss of firmness

Loss of firmness and volume alongside wrinkles make ageing skin look even older. Our jowls droop, our features crumple, our cheeks hollow out and our mouths look down-turned. These changes in volume can make us look old and grumpy. Hormonal fluctuations, lifestyle and the natural ageing process are to blame for this loss of volume. Fortunately help is at hand! And it comes in the form of hyaluronic acid, a revolumising active ingredient that helps our skin to harness moisture. Whether in a pot or a jab, hyaluronic acid revolumises and firms up skin, notably under the eyes, on our cheeks and around our mouths.