Are you applying your anti ageing cream correctly?

Here are our tried and tested beauty tips on how to work in anti ageing treatments for maximum age-busting results! Massage, press, tap and tone: simple tricks to give you back your youthful glow!

Massage to smooth

Forehead wrinkles: Place your thumbs on your temples and three fingers between your eyebrows. Using your fingers, massage upwards until you reach the same height as your thumbs.  Cheeks: Massage your cheeks and lip contour starting at the middle of your face and working upwards and outwards.  Crow's feet: Massage your crow's feet using circular movements.  Neck: Massage your neck skin with your palms by repeatedly smoothing upwards.  Double chin: Using one hand after the other, massage your chin using the back of your hand. 

Pressure to smooth

To tackle forehead or frown lines and brighten your look, place your thumbs in the inside of your eyebrows. Apply a certain amount of pressure and smooth your thumbs out towards your temples. Repeat, but this time start under your eyebrows. Finish off by sticking out your tongue - this will stretch your jaw muscles, relax your features and boost blood flow. 

Pinch to firm

Pinch your skin with your thumb and index finger, working centimetre by centimetre around both sides of your face: from your cheekbones to your temples, mouth towards your ears and under your chin towards your neck. Lightly pinch your skin, working up towards your frown lines. Finish off by smoothing your skin. 

Tap to tone

Using the fingers of both hands, quickly tap all over your forehead and cheeks. Don't forget your crow's feet, as this will smooth and relax your skin.