Age-defying make up tips to the rescue!

As time passes, lines and wrinkles dig in their heels and our faces lose definition. Which is where anti-ageing make up tips come into play! Follow these tips to knock years of your face in a flash and make you look younger.

Prepare your skin

Begin by applying a light moisturiser that will prevent your skin from drying out and limit the appearance of any lines or wrinkles. 

Choose the right foundation

Go for a light texture that's slightly lighter than your complexion and adapted to your skin type. Useful tip: choose a smoothing formula for an anti-wrinkle action. Apply a small amount by tapping it on to the centre of your face and smoothing it outwards. Remember to smoothe it down your neck so as to avoid visible foundation lines.  


Highlight your features

Go for a light texture and tone to brighten your complexion. Apply to areas that often show signs of fatigue - eye contour, above your cheekbones and on your T-zone. Dab it in with your fingertips so that it blends in with your foundation. 

Mattify your skin

Dig out a big, round make up brush and apply a transparent, loose powder. Lightly brush it across your face and neck. Go easy to avoid a cakey look! It'll leave your epidermis velvety and help fix your make up. 

Get a rosy glow

If your cheeks lack a bit colour, apply a small amount of pink blusher to the top of your cheekbones, avoiding the hollow of your cheeks. Go lightly so that it subtlety blends in with your powder. 


Opt for matt eyes hadows

Apply a matt eye shadow to your eyelids, Steer clear of shimmery, bright colours or you'll risk looking like mutton dressed as lamb! 

Freshen up your look

Bushy brows can weigh down and age our faces. However, if they're carefully plucked and groomed they give can give us a wonderfully, youthful gaze. As for mascara, don't pile it on. Apply a couple of layers to your upper lashes and a thin coat to your lower lashes. Regarding eyeliners, pencils are better than pens or liquids if you want a wide-eyed look. Finish with a small wing on the outer corner. 

Perfect your pout

Apply a small amount of foundation to your lips, as this will fix your lipstick. Any pro will tell you that this makes your lippy last longer and stops it from bleeding into your upper lip. Go for a natural, neutral colour and, as our lips tend to thin with age, make sure you apply it right up to the edge of your lips.