50 years old: a milestone for our skin

Around the age of 50, our skin has to deal with huge hormonal changes. It's a time when we need to review our beauty routine to keep our skin supple and glowing.

Our skin at 50 years old

The rate at which our skin ages is different for everyone - some of us age more quickly due to genetic factors. But whatever the case, it's at this age that our expression lines and wrinkles have well and truly settled in. This is caused by cell renewal slowing down and a gradual slackening of our skin. Frown lines, crow's feet, laughter lines and pigments spots complete the picture. With age and the menopausal drop in oestrogen levels, our skin becomes more fragile.

The needs of mature skin

At 50, our skin needs treatments that are different to the ones we used during our 30's or 40's. Mature skin needs bolstering with treatments that will keep it hydrated, boost its lipid content, stimulate cell renewal, increase collagen levels and activate its immune responses. So it's time for a double-edged approach - treatments to repair any damage plus combat the ageing process.

Treatments for mature skin

You don't need to use more treatments than you did during your 40's. It's a matter of using different ones - in this case treatments that repair our skin and prevent skin ageing. Opt for products that deeply moisturise, reduce sagging and wrinkles, improve skin density and restore a healthy glow. Apply an anti-age treatment morning and night to your face, neck and cleavage - you can choose from treatments designed to hydrate, protect, nourish, stimulate, smooth... Once you hit 50, applying a serum before your cream is nigh-on essential. Serums work on a deeper level by helping the epidermis to produce collagen and elastin. Eye and lip contour creams also work a treat, as they smooth out wrinkles and moisturise the skin around these fragile zones.