5 ways to beat a dull complexion

Your skin's as grey as a cloudy day - time to give your complexion a well-needed boost! Here are our tips on how to get back your glow in a flash.

Scrub without scraping

First item on the list? To get rid of dead skin cells that suffocate and dull skin. Once or twice a week apply a gentle scrub to damp skin and let its grains give your epidermis a wake-up call. It will boost your circulation and help skin cell renewal.Result: a squeaky clean face in 3 minutes flat   

Deal with your eye contour zone

The eye contour is quick to show signs of fatigue. For a fresh-faced, wide awake look, apply an eye contour treatment every morning. Opt for one with a metallic applicator for an immediately refreshing result. If not, you can always pop your product in the fridge. The cold will decongest your eye contour and help to reduce any bags under your eyes. For maximum effect, gently massage it in, working out from the inner corner of your eye.Result: you'll look bright eyed in only a couple of minutes  

Slather on a moisturiser

Moisturising is the key to brightening a dull complexion. For a lovely, dewy glow, apply treatments that will deeply hydrate your skin. Use a moisturiser adapated to your needs: anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-fatigue, mattifying... Added extra: once or twice a week, after exfoliating, treat yourself to a hydrating face mask. By applying a thick layer, your skin will be able to bathe in and soak up its goodness.Result: a glowing complexion in 3 minutes (or 10, if you throw in a face mask)  

Kick yourdull complexion out the door.

When our skin's sallow and tired, applying an anti-fatigue treatment does it the world of good. These treatments are designed to instantly brighten skin. Lighter in texture than a foundation, they camouflage any signs of tiredness. It's the finishing touch that sallow complexions crave. And a quick and easy way to keep a dull complexion at arm's length!Result: rosy skin in no time at all  

Clever make up

The secret? To add a touch of light. Discreetly, of course. Welcome to strobing! The new contouring, strobing is about highlighting parts of the face that naturally catch the light. Apply a highlighter to the top of your cheekbones and the end of your nose. To add a dab of colour, lightly brush a pearly, light pink blusher across the apple of your cheeks. If the skin around your eyes is dull, avoid dark eye shadows and matt lipsticks like the plague. Our skin needs to look fresh and light.Result: a flawless complexion in 5 minutes max