5 tips to enhance your natural beauty

We watch what we eat, religiously apply creams, work out regularly... We strive to look our best. Here are five effortless beauty tips to help bring out your inner goddess. Well, almost effortless!



Smiling's free, easy to do and highly contagious. A dazzling smile lights up our faces - radiant beauty in a grin!
To make the most of your smile, give your lips a weekly scrub and apply a lip balm several times a day. Brush your teeth after every meal and see your dental hygienist on a regular basis. Added plus: smiling gives your face a natural work-out. Smiling more = firmer skin!  


Cleansing both morning and night is a sure-fire way to keep your glowing complexion. Dirty skin can't breathe. It dulls, making us look pale and tired. Dead skin cells clog the pores, causing inflammation, pimples and an uneven skin tone. A good cleanse with a lotion, gel, oil or foam will do the trick. Micellar water, the most gentle of all cleansers, removes impurities, dead cells and even the most stubborn make up in a flash. 


Beauty's not just skin deep - we need to hydrate it from both inside and out.
Drink 1.5 litres of non-alcoholic beverages a day to make sure your skin cells get their fill. Keep sipping on your bottle of water, even if you're not thirsty. Next up, apply a moisturiser suited to your skin's needs: anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, brightening, anti-fatigue...
Apply morning and night to cleansed skin. You can also apply a moisturising face mask to give your epidermis a good soak. Once a week will do the trick.
The end result? A fresh, rosy complexion that will last all day! 


The key to gorgeous skin is getting enough shut-eye. Our skin cells regenerate at night, particularly between 11pm and 4am. Try to get at least 7 hours beauty sleep a night. Whilst we sleep, skin cells are detoxified and free radical-producing toxins are shown the door (helping us to combat ageing skin).
Don't have any caffeinated drinks or do any sports after 5pm, eat a light evening meal, switch off your telly/tablet/PC at 10pm and make sure your bedroom's a comfortable temperature. Try not to hit the sack too late. Zzzz...  


As we all know, deep breathing improves the quality of our skin. Deep breathing helps regulate skin temperature, leaving us with a fresh, radiant complexion. No need to pile on the make-up: take time to unwind and a few deep breaths later you'll be glowing both inside and out! The best tip there is for flawless skin.