3 tips to hydrate my skin

We're always on the look out for miraculous beauty treatments... And they may be closer than we think! Welcome to latest generation of skin-smoothing serums!!

Serums, skin-loving superheros

If you only invest in one age-defying treatment, make sure it's a serum! Serums are magic in a bottle... They're three times more concentrated in active ingredients than creams, fluid in texture so that they're easily absorbed and are able to both deeply moisturise and combat wrinkles. Wrinkles, sagging or dull skin, pigments spots... They may feel light on the surface, but they dig deep! Serums can help with any skin-related issue, it's just a matter of choosing the right one. There was a time when they were used as one-off cure, but nowadays there are formula designed for daily use. The trick is to apply one before your day cream! The proof is in the pudding - serums are BIG business in the UK!

Serums, a firm solution

Towards the age of 40, the levels of collagen and elastin naturally present in our skin begin to decline. As our skin produces less of both, it begins to sag. Wrinkles crop up, our facial contours lose definition and our features become less uniform: time to invest in an anti-wrinkle serum to get get back our youthful, plump glow. Whether you apply it in the morning or at night, a serum will deeply improve skin density and regenerate your epidermis, making it instantly firmer.

Serums for an instant effect

The great thing about serums is that you don't have to wait 28 days - the amount of time it takes for cells to be renewed - to see their benefical effects. If you're naturally impatient or pressed for time, you'll love the immediate effect of a serum. It's even more impressive if you've opted for a smoothing serum! They iron out deep wrinkles thanks to their smoothing polymers, which will leave your complexion even-toned and velvety in a flash!