3 massages to kiss signs of fatigue goodbye !

We all have those mornings when you wake up exhausted and the only thing you want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. Don't fret, a facial massage can get rid of any signs of fatigue, pronto. Here are our top three.

Smoothing massage to get rid of pillow marks

If you toss and turn all night, you'll wake up with a crumpled face, pillow marks and wrinkles that seem deeper than usual. Put aside a couple of minutes for a quick facial massage to smooth your skin. Place your palms on your chin and smooth up along your jawline. Repeat several times to redefine your facial contour and give your circulation a good boost.  Follow by massaging your cheeks with your fingertips using small, circular movements, all the time working out towards your ears. Continue by smoothing your forehead with the palm of your hands, from your eyebrows to hairline and then from the centre to the outside of your face. Finish off by lightly tapping your face with your fingertips. This will oxygenate, smooth and tighten your skin : goodbye pillow face (not that kind of pillow face).

Energising massage to reduce puffy eyes

Some mornings our eyes need a helping hand to get rid of puffy bags that weigh down our features and add years to our age. Ice cubes or cold spoons can help, but a little massage can also work wonders. Gently massage around the eye contour using your index finger. Start with the inner corner of the eye, working out along your brow line and finish with light taps to stimulate your blood flow.  


Relaxing massage for a fresh-faced look

Tired eyes, drawn features, dark circles... You're worn out but you don't have to show it ! Place your thumbs on your inner eyebrows and, while applying a gentle pressure, smooth out towards your temples. Repeat, but this time start from above your eyebrows and work outwards. This massage will improve drainage and chase away signs of fatigue. Result : you'll be wide-eyed and raring to go.