3 anti-ageing massages to restore your youthful glow!

Flawless, firm, wrinkle-free skin: help your skincare treatments to work their magic and turn back time with these easy anti-ageing facial massages. Time for a facial workout!

PInching to add a bit of colour

A facial massage technique like no other: pinching! This involves pinching your skin with your thumb and index finger and using a gentle twisting movement - a bit like turning a key in a lock. Simply twist to the right and then to the left. This boosts circulation and will instantly give your cheeks a rosy glow. Start in the centre of your face and work along your cheekbones and jawline. Repeat 5 times. Within a couple of minutes your complexion will look fresh and radiant.

Smoothing massage to lift facial contours

A face lift meets massage whilst applying your day cream A new way to moisturise your skin! A lifting massage that uses smoothing movements from your neck to ears to combat sagging skin. Place your thumbs on either side of your chin and gently smooth up towards your ears - repeat 5 times. This will help the active ingredients in your cream to be absorbed and wake up your epidermis.  A stretching massage to zap lines and wrinkles Nothing better than a facial workout to smooth out lines and firm up skin. Plus it takes less than a minute! Place your palms on each side of your cheekbones and smooth out towards your hairline. Hold and then release. Lines and signs of tiredness will be reduced and over time your skin will look firmer and plumper. 

Iron out your frown lines

The best anti-wrinkle massage? Using your fingers as an iron!  Place your fingertips on your frown lines and smooth up towards your temples. A simple, daily facial exercise that will lessen your frown. It's even more relaxing if you sit back and close your eyes.  Added tip: massage in the right direction Vertical lines should be massaged horizontally with your index fingers. Press your fingertips between your eyebrows and smooth outwards to relax the muscles - repeat 6 times. If your frown lines are horizontal, press your fingertips between your eyebrows and smooth upwards - repeat 6 times.